North Dakota State University Amateur Radio Society

Executive Committee / Club Contacts
(Spring 2020)
President Eric Welle KEØPJR eric.welle(a_)ndsu.edu
Vice Pres. Evan Wurden KEØCWY evan.wurden(a_)ndsu.edu
Treasurer Daniel Roegiers KEØUWJ daniel.roegiers(a_)ndsu.edu
QSL Manager Martin Eichers KEØUWI martin.eichers(a_)ndsu.edu
Advisor Dr. Ivan Lima AI1L ivan.lima(a_)ndsu.edu
WØHSC Trustee Dr. Mark Jensen KKØV mark.jensen(a_)med.und.edu
KDØSWQ Trustee Jake Bechtold KØRQ jakebechtold(a_)gmail.com
Club e-mail WØHSC ndsuars(a_)gmail.com

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