Constitution of the NDSU Amateur Radio Society

(Version adopted April 24, 2014)

Article 1. Name and purpose

Section 1. Name

The name of the organization established by this constitution shall be the North Dakota State University Amateur Radio Society (referred to as "NDSU ARS", " ARS", or "society" herein).

Section 2. Purpose

The purpose of the ARS is to:

1.     Provide a forum for students to share amateur radio-related ideas and experiment with radio and electronics.

2.     Provide a medium for students to perform public service with amateur radio.

3.     Provide professional and personal growth opportunities in amateur radio-related fields.

4.     Recognize and enhance the public value of the amateur radio service.

5.     Continue and extend the amateur's proven ability to advance the radio art.

6.     Enhance international goodwill through amateur radio communication.


Article 2. Membership

Section 1. Non-discrimination policy

The ARS will support NDSU, MSUM, and Concordia College's non-discrimination policy. NDSU is fully committed to equal opportunity in employment decisions and activities in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws, and including appropriate affirmative action efforts, for all individuals without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap, age, Vietnam Era Veterans status, or sexual orientation.

Section 2. Membership requirements

Section 3. Removal of members

Grounds for removal of members include, but are not limited to: violation of university policy, non-payment of dues, and violation of Federal Communications Commission regulations.

A member may be removed by the following process:

1.     A petition to remove the member will be submitted to the president. Such petition must contain the signature of at least one third of the voting members. When such petition is received, the president will call a meeting of the society to decide upon removal.

2.     The grounds for removal are to be presented by the president at a regular or special meeting of the society.

3.     The member in question shall be provided an opportunity to present a defense either in person or in writing.

4.     A simple majority vote of the voting members shall decide upon removal, with voting to occur no sooner than two days after the presentation of the grounds and defense have been made.

Section 4. Appeal against removal

Members may appeal their removal within one week of the vote for removal by requesting the president to call a special meeting of the society. The president shall notify all members of this meeting, which is to occur at least one week and not more than four weeks after the appeal request is received by the president.

The decision to uphold the vote for removal shall require a majority vote of the voting members.


Article 3. Elected officers

Section 1. Officers

The officers of the ARS will be president, vice president, secretary,  QSL Card/Internet Manager, and treasurer. One person may hold secretary and treasurer offices simultaneously. Officers are expected to be active members of the club, and should attend both business and non-business meetings.

Section 2. Officer eligibility

Eligibility for office is qualified as follows:

1.     The candidate must be a student member of the society and must have been a member for at least one semester, unless membership levels decline to a point where this is not feasible.

2.     The candidate must be qualified according to the university's requirements for participation in co-curricular activities.

3.     The candidate may be an Alumni on/off campus as long as the majority votes for it.

Nominations must be made at least one week before the elections. The current officers will submit a list of nominations and then the nominations will be opened up to the rest of the floor.

Section 3. Terms of office

The officers of the society shall be elected for a term of one academic year, to include summer session. The term will start with the Fall Semester.

There will be a restriction of two consecutive terms of the same office that may be held by an individual.

Section 4. Elections

Elections will be held during a period from the end of March to the second week of April.

Election to office will be by popular vote of the quorum (See Article 5, Section 3).

Section 5. Duties of the officers

The President:

The president shall be the principal executive officer and shall have the following duties:

1.     Preside at all meetings of the society.

2.     Call special meetings of the society (when required).

3.     Schedule all practices, classes and other activities, and to obtain appropriate facilities for these activities.

4.     Prepare and file any report required by the university and/or student government.

5.     Perform other duties as specified in the bylaws or other duties as required.

The Vice-President:

The vice president shall assume the duties of the president in the event of the absence of the president. In addition, the vice president shall have the following duties:

1.     Plan the officers' orientation and organization retreats.

2.     Serve as the delegate for Congress of Student Organizations.

3.     Perform other duties as assigned by the president or as specified in the bylaws, or other duties as required.

The Secretary:

The secretary shall have the following duties:

1.     Keep a record of all the members in the society.

2.     Keep a record of all activities of the society.

3.     Keep and distribute minutes of each meeting of the society.

4.     Notify all members of meetings.

5.     Handle all official correspondence of the society.

6.     Perform other duties as assigned by the president or as specified in the bylaws, or other duties as required.

The QSL Card/Internet Manager:

The QSL Card/Internet Manager shall have the following duties:

1.     Handle all incoming and outgoing QSL cards.

2.     Maintain and update website,

3.     Manage club page as set up by CSO (Blackboard, Orgsync, etc).

4.     Perform other duties as assigned by the president or as specified in the bylaws, or other duties as required.

The Treasurer:

The treasurer shall have the following duties:

1.     Keep all financial records of the organization.

2.     Prepare and submit financial reports to the members.

3.     Prepare the annual budget and all budget requests for funds and become familiar with university accounting procedures and policies.

4.     Attend annual Congress of Student Organizations annual finance/budget meeting.

5.     Perform other duties as assigned by the president or as specified in the bylaws, or as required.

(See Article 7 for financial structure.)

Section 6. Vacancies of office

In the event of a vacancy in the office of the president before the expiration of a full term, the vice president shall assume the duties of the president until a special election can be held or until a regular election.

In the event of a vacancy in an office other than the president before the expiration of a full term, a special election shall be called by the president within one month to fill the vacancy. The president may appoint a person to temporarily fill the position until the election can be held.

In the event of any office becoming vacant less than two months before the end of term, the official chosen by special election may have the option of keeping the office for the next academic year

Section 7. Removal of officers from the Executive Committee

Grounds for removal of an officer from the executive committee include, but are not limited to: violation of university policy, failure to perform the duties of an office as set forth in the constitution and bylaws of the society, failure to uphold the provision of this constitution and bylaws.

An officer may be removed by the same process as for removal of non-officer members. Exceptions are as follows: A petition containing the signature of one third of the voting members in the society must be presented to an officer other than the individual petitioned for removal. The grounds for removal are to be presented to the members present at the meeting by the officer in charge. A two thirds vote of the voting members present is required to remove the officer.

Section 8. Appeal of officer removal

The removed officer may make an appeal by the same process for appeal of removal of members. (See Article 2, Section 4.)

Section 9. Notification of personal information changes

All changes in officers or mailing addresses/phone numbers of officers shall be submitted to the Commission of Student Organizations in the Student Government Office within two weeks of such a change.


Article 4. Faculty Advisor

Section 1. Selection

Section 2. Roles

The roles of the advisor are as follows: to co-sign all financial transactions of the society, to assist the officers and members in accomplishing the purpose of the society, to review regularly the financial record for the society and forward mailings to the appropriate officers, and to serve as a resource or consultant to the society. Guidelines for advisors may be found in the Student Organization Handbook.


Article 5. Meetings

Section 1. Schedule

Business meetings of the organization shall be called by the president at least twice per semester during the academic year. Business meetings may coincide with non-business meetings for the purpose of brevity. Business meetings must be restricted to 45 minutes unless individually extended by a simple majority vote of those present.

Non-business meetings, for the purpose of instruction, operation, or other activities shall try to be held at least twice monthly. Every endeavor shall be made to schedule the meetings regularly for planning purposes of the members.

Section 2. Special events

Special meetings may be called by the president upon one week notice to the members.

The president shall call a special meeting when requested by ten percent of the voting members.

Section 3. Quorum

A quorum at business meetings shall consist of two-thirds of the voting membership, counting those present and absentee votes. Absentee voting will be made available by written or electronic mail or by proxy. Quorum is not required for non-business meetings.

Section 4. Authority

Parliamentary authority for the society shall be "Robert's Rules of Order."


Article 6. Committees

Section 1. Establishment

The president shall have the authority to appoint or establish any special committees, with approval of the executive committee.

Section 2. Executive committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The duties of this committee are described in this constitution. This committee is a permanent part of the society and shall not be disbanded.

The responsibilities of committees formed on a temporary basis shall be noted in meeting minutes. Committees formed on a permanent basis shall have responsibilities listed in an amendment of the bylaws.


Article 7. Financial structure

Section 1. Appropriated fund expenditure

All appropriated funds must be expended and requisitioned in accordance with Finance Commission guidelines. All un-appropriated funds must be maintained in an account at a financial institution approved by a majority of the society's voting members. Checks drawn on the society's account must be signed by two members of the executive committee or one member of the executive committee and the advisor.

Requests to the University Business Office for appropriated funds will be made by the president or treasurer.

Deposits will be made by the treasurer within four working days of receipt.

Section 2. Membership dues

Membership dues shall be collected by the secretary and verified by the treasurer. In the event that these offices are held by one person, the vice president shall collect dues and the secretary/treasurer shall verify the collection. Dues for the society shall be approved by a majority of the voting membership at the time of office elections.

Section 3. Budgeting

The treasurer shall be responsible for obtaining a current copy of Finance Commission guidelines and preparing a budget request per those guidelines.

The secretary shall maintain a file of annual budget requests and approved budgets. This file shall remain with the society to provide continuity from one administration to the next.


Article 8. Bylaws

Section I. Authority

The Amateur Radio Society may approve bylaws for the specific operation of the society. No bylaw shall be adopted that is contrary to the provisions of the constitution.

Section 2. Adoption

The society may adopt, amend, or rescind any bylaw by a two-thirds vote of the quorum (see Article 5, Section 3). Any proposed change must be publicized to the members at least one week prior to the meeting at which it is to be voted upon.


Article 9. Amendments

Section 1. Ratification

Proposed amendments to this constitution shall be presented to the members at least one meeting prior to the meeting at which the vote shall be held. Ratification of an amendment to this constitution shall require two-thirds vote of the voting membership. Voting may occur by proxy, electronic mail, printed mail, or in person. Proxies and electronic/printed messages must be able to be received at least two hours before the start of the meeting during which the vote is scheduled.


Article 10. Dissolution

In the event that the society shall be dissolved, society-owned items shall be donated to nonprofit organizations such as the Salvation Army, Red River Radio Amateurs, HANDI-Hams, or other amateur radio clubs in need of equipment. Provisions for these donations shall be made at the discretion of the remaining officers, members, and available alumni.

This constitution was revised and ratified on April 24, 2014, by the undersigned:

President: Jacob Parrow



Other members: (names/signatures)

Vice President: Braden Aasand

Secretary: Peter Day

Treasurer: Taren McCullough

QSL Card/Internet Manager: Jesse Kohn



Evan Thostenson

Josh Haugen